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Research Unit In Industrial Asset Management

The Research Unit in Industrial Asset Management is part of the Engineering Faculty of Lusofona University (ULHT), and aims at developing state of the art technologies and innovative management tools for Industrial Management and develops interdisciplinary research activities in the area at industrial management with research lines ranging from asset management to industrial planning and control, maintenance management and industrial technologies, as on-line monitoring of industrial equipment’s, RBI-Risk Based in Inspection and CRM – Centered Reliability Maintenance.

The Unit combines the work of researchers and professors of the ULHT Engineering Faculty specially those from the Industrial Management Department, whose knowledge have been built during the last 30 years, through close links with Industry in several countries.

The Unit includes 5 PhD’s, several MSc’s and students from diferent countries.



  • To attract young students and researchers from all over the world and specially from the Portuguese speaking countries and promote and support their research projects
  • To publish the scientific results of the research projects carried out by the Unit
  • To support the diferent graduation courses ofered by the Engineering Faculty with emphasis on the Industrial Engineering Management Course

Research, Development and Innovation:

This research unit is mostly focused on industrial applications. this in order to:

  • Increase reliability of production processes
  • Assure the permanent availability of physical industrial assets
  • Assure the constancy of production process parameters
  • Increase energy efciency of the assets
  • Protect the environment
  • Combine Efectiveness and Efciency in Asset Management
  • Increase data acquisition reliability and decision making process eficiency
  • To widespread the knowledge and application of asset management best practices

Some research projects of the team


e-WISE –Continuous Evaluation of Performance and Decision making in Asset Management (in preparation)


EFICARE Model for operational eficiency monitoring of Healthcare Units. This project was developed considering three operational strategic areas:

Maintenance, Energy Eficiency and Indoor Air Quality which were integrated by a Decision and Management control support system.

Leading Partner: ISQ


Decision support system for technological Investment in the civil construction companies.

The diferent modules developed in this project included:

  • Economical Life of the equipment
  • Best equipment among several alternatives
  • Investment payback in productivity increase
  • Hierarchy of multi criteria evolution
  • Comparison matrix 2 x 2

Some products developed for industry

  • Software Tool for the continuous monitoring of the equipment allocated to insuflate air in diferent areas of a Public Hospital complying with standard of comfort, safety (microbiological, dust particles and VOC contamination) in tradeoff with energy eficiency.

    Other features of this software included multi-criteria appraisal of projects aiming at its improvement

  • Software Tool for decision making process when creating Inspection Calendars for Predictive Maintenance. Client: EDP (Electricity of Portugal)
  • Software Tool for decision making process of optimal sequencing of a wine bottle filling line.

    Client: JMF – José Maria da Fonseca, SA

  • Software Tool for decision making process. A spin-off product of a cooperative research project with ALSTOM, CELBI, EDP, PORTUCEL and FEUP-Oporto Engineering Faculty and ISQ

Some recent publications

  • Integrating products-service systems with new business models definition in manufacturing companies, Int. J. Serv. SCI, Man, Eng. And Tech 5 (2) 66-86. IGI Global, 2014 Pedro Carmona
  • A descriptive framework of the design process from a dual cognitive-engineering perspective, Int. J. Design Creativity and Innov 3 (2) 142-164, Taylor & Francis, 2014
  • A methodology for developing product-service systems, Proc CIRP 7, 373- 376, Elsevier, 2013
  • Roadmap for business models in manufacturing companies, Proc CIRP 7, 383-388, Elsevier, 2013

The industrial management department – our team

José Oliveira Santos
Rui Assis
Pedro Carmona
Pedro Marques
Cristina Guerra
José Lopes dos Santos
Invited Professor
Ms C
Eduardo Dias Lopes
Invited Professor
Ms C
Inês Santos
Ms C
Pedro Duarte
Ms C
Bruno Pereira

Lista de empresas do CSEE

  • JOCA
  • Lincoln Electric Portugal
  • PROJETO 360
  • PSE
  • QUALEND- Qualidade e Ensaios Não Destrutivos, Lda.
  • RISA
  • STA – Sociedade Transformadora de Alumínios, S.A
  • TDGI
  • VPS
  • FACTOR4Sustainability