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Proposta de Emprego – Engenharia Biomédica

Mater Dynamics is a SME dedicated developing sensor-based solutions for non-electronic devices, mixing scientific fields ranging from Material Sciences, Nanotechnology and Electronics. It is open a job offer for one Business Development Assistant. Mainly, the selected candidate will support the execution of technical deliverables. This position is suitable for those who want to pursuit a career in the technical industry, but not as a R&D worker.
How to apply:
Send an email to Please, explain your interest in Mater Dynamics and attach your CV. Be short and go straight to the point.
Due to the Junior status of this position, we encourage candidates to send information regarding their academic marks (for those that have none or small work experience). For candidates that have certificates in a second language, we strongly recommend sending also such certificates.
Selection process:
1. After evaluating your CV, and if you are qualified for the position, we will schedule a skype meeting to go deeper into the conversation.
2. Selected candidates will pass to the next stage that comprises: (i) an in-person meeting at Mater Dynamics; and (ii) a possible written test (less than 1h). Both evaluation moments will occur in the same day.
3. Finally, those that have passed the above procedure, will be interviewed in person by two Mater Dynamics team members.

IX Encontro Nacional de Gestão de Resíduos

A APEMETA realizará, no próximo dia 10 de dezembro, o IX Encontro Nacional de Gestão de Resíduos, em Lisboa, mais concretamente na ULHT (Auditório Agostinho da Silva).

Mais se informa que os Alunos e Docentes da Faculdade de Engenharia da ULHT, estão isentos da inscrição no seminário.